Energy companies prepare for the future: Aero Controls & DLE Consultants and Vision Control Solutions merge and become Vicosol

Vicosol is launched the 10th of November. The new company will be specialized in optimizing services, innovative automation system solutions, parts and consumables for the oil, gas and power industry.

By merging the two companies they unite their expertise and are better rigged for the future of the industry.

Unites to provide even better solutions
– With a business strategy of solving «any and all» challenges for our customers we are streamlining our businesses by merging the companies Aero Controls & DLE Consultants and Vision Control Solutions into one organization. Their business areas go hand in hand and are an extension of each other, says Vegard Aanensen, COO of Vicosol.

Aanensen has been COO of Aero Controls & DLE Consultants and are now looking forward to cooperating with Oddbjørn Storeli, earlier CEO of Vision Controls Solutions, creating innovative solutions for the future.

– Our goal is to be a leading provider of control solutions, and a service partner as an alternative to the OEM. Vicosol will provide a quality service with customer focus as top priority, says Oddbjørn Storeli, Engineering Manager of Vicosol.

Aero Controls & DLE Consultants was founded in 2014, as a response to General Electric reorganization and closure of their Aero Derivative Field service. Vision Control Solutions AS was founded four years later, with the goal to support control system solutions within the oil & gas industry, renewable energy and other onshore industries.

An innovative partner
Vicosol will design and create modern state of the art control system solutions, based on the latest technology and enhanced functionality, for any automated process. They aim to be an innovative partner by always challenging existing solutions.

– As we have done for our customers so far, we will provide world class quality field services. We will also provide parts and consumables as well as comprehensive engineering solutions, says Storeli.

Engineering solutions are ranging from minor obsolescence projects, control system modifications to extensive life extension projects. Vicosol is also offering long term service solutions covering the entire power plant from “flange to power”.

The power industry is changing
With global focus on carbon footprint the power industry is changing.

– Our vision of the future is to be a part of the change with innovative solutions, bridging the gap between the traditional fossil to the renewable power industry. We will do that by utilizing our extensive experience in traditional turbine powered plants combined with state of the art and innovative alternative power solutions, Aanensen explains.

The Norwegian O&G operators are pledging to reduce their carbon emissions with 40 percent by 2030. 80 percent of the total 13,2 million tons of carbon emissions from the industry are emissions from gas turbine operation.

– Increasing turbine efficiency will be a top priority in reaching that goal. With our innovative and efficient control solutions, we can significantly reduce the annual carbon emission. Our case studies indicate that it should be possible to increase the annual efficiency with as much as 5 percent, which equals to approximately 3’000 metric tons of carbon emission per year per turbine, says Storeli.

Considering there are approximately 150 gas turbines in operation in Norway, Vicosol’s solutions could be an important contributor in reaching the operators emissions targets.